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before the fall

13 October 1980
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[name] Beyond Birthday
[ali·as] B // Backup
[age] 21
[gen·der] male
[sex·u·al·i·ty] bi-curious
...◊ complete obsession with L
...◊ unhealthy need for jam
...◊ great love of word and number games

Weighing in at a mere 110 lbs (59 kg) and standing at 5'9" (179 cm) if he were to straighten his back out of its characteristic slouch, B has an extremely lanky build with long limbs and delicate bone structure. His most striking physical features are his eyes, which are a strange scarlet hue and appear to glow faintly in the darkness. His skin is extremely pale due to lack of sunlight exposure, only adding to his rather sickly appearance. His straight black hair hangs over his face and falls to his chin, often concealing his eyes entirely. He usually wears an oversized hoodie over a t-shirt and tight jeans, all black. He goes barefoot when he can, but if he must cover his feet, he'll don a pair of combat boots. His hair, neck, and wrists are frequently adorned with colorful ribbons thanks to A.
B just wants to be loved.

This fact is at the very core of his personality. Because he has spent his entire life alone, he wishes desperately for everyone's approval, especially of the people he most greatly admires. B has always been on the outside, alienated for his unusual behavior and isolated due to his supernatural ability. Every glance reminds him of mortality, the counting down of every human life around him, combined with the knowledge that he himself has no such lifespan (that he can see). At times he believes he might be immortal but he views this as a curse because he wants nothing more than to be normal so that he can be accepted.

Because of his desire for normalcy and acceptance, B goes out of his way to be kind and charitable. This results in his frequently serving as an errand boy. He helps younger children with their homework, fetches food for his peers, runs deliveries for his professors... Most notably, he has taken on a supportive role for his greatest rival, A. He does not believe he will ever be capable of surpassing A despite his own considerable talents, so he has taken the route of friendship and sworn to always be there to assist the superior boy. He is loyal and gentle, generally projecting a cheerful disposition. He has a tendency to crack light-hearted jokes and often compliments those around him, even the undeserving.

Unfortunately his sweeter traits make him something of a door-mat. B has very few genuine friends and in his desperate loneliness he turns the other cheek when faced with abuse. This invites just about everyone to take advantage of him. He takes his modesty to the extreme, lowering himself more than he needs to simply for the sake of not offending others. He apologizes even when he has done nothing wrong and tries to "make it up" to people even when he owes them nothing. His self-consciousness has turned him into a natural servant. He will do anything to please others and spirals into depression when he believes he has displeased them.

Because of his close connection to death, B has a penchant for the darker things in life. Although he doesn't talk about it normally because he tries to be pleasant around others, he enjoys violent horror films and comics, darkness, and night time. On the flip side, he also has a great appreciation for fairy tales and cute things. His favorite manga is Akazukin Chacha, a classic comic about a clumsy magical girl. He likes the younger orphans even though most of them are frightened by his appearance.

Very recently B has subconsciously begun to mimic L's behavior. He slouches more than he used to, chews on his fingers, and sits with his knees up. He corrects this behavior whenever people point it out, but secretly he enjoys the comparison to L.

Beyond's true origin is a mystery. It is said that his father was murdered and his mother died in a car accident, but he does not remember them and doubts the validity of this story. He was raised in various orphanages, never staying in one place too long due to problems between him and the other children. He was born with strange red eyes that enable him to see the names and lifespans of all the humans around him, but this trait was often viewed as demonic by both the children and the adults he spoke to as a youngster. After several transfers, he learned to stop talking about his ability although it was difficult for him to conceal his physical abnormalities. His eyes, his smile, and his laugh all carried a demonic quality that he could not suppress.

The boy with the red eyes spent most of his childhood alone, tucked away into shadowy corners, reading every book he could get his hands on, solving puzzles, playing word games, or inventing secret languages for himself. Eventually tests revealed that Beyond was a genius, and it wasn't too long after that when a man named Watari came for the boy. After further testing, especially of Beyond's eyes, he became one of the first children to be admitted to Wammy's House. He was assigned the alias Backup, called B for short.

Life for B at this new orphanage was much improved, although still not wonderful by any stretch of the imagination. Even among children who nearly matched his intelligence, he was outcast and tormented for all the same reasons he had always been: he was creepy. But eventually test scores put him in a league above the others and that was when he caught the attention of another boy named A. The two formed a close bond as the first and second successors in line to replace L. B never saw himself as a rival to A, who was superior in every way, and immediately assumed a supportive role for the older boy. A, however, assured him that they would both be L together someday. They have since worked as partners. While A is more concerned with succeeding, B's only goal is to earn the approval of L, his hero.

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